Creating Useful Storage Around Your Home

I always find myself wanting more areas and dedicated spaces to store my general stuff in around my home. Like, rather than putting my shoes directly beneath the bench in front of my front door, I’d rather have a shoe rack. Or even the abundance of coasters I have collected from breweries. Those could use a home.

The problem is, I don’t really justify spending money on storage things like containers, cups, and boxes when I’m fine with my place being a little messier than normal if it means saving a few bucks. And that’s probably most of our problem: we’re okay with being cheap even if it means being messier.

But lately, I’ve started to have a few ideas of little projects I could do that cost no money and still satisfy my need for storage around my place. Read on for a few of my own ideas using some common household items and packaging supplies.

Toothbrush holder

So, I’ve recently come into possession of a few flower pots, but a couple of the flowers in my home aren’t perennial. So, at the end of the plant’s life cycle, I’m left with an empty pot. Just the other day I decided to move this up into my bathroom (after washing it out thoroughly) and placing our toothbrushes in it. It’s pretty, I’m getting use out of the pot, and I used no money in getting something new.

Book “case.”

I’ve recently come into possession of a rather large cardboard box, and before I threw it out, I was brainstorming ideas on how I could use this for my apartment. I came up with the idea of flipping it on its side so that it was taller, and then I placed books within to hold it down and have it act as a mini bookcase. From here, all I have to do is a bit of decorating on the box so that it doesn’t just look like boring old corrugated cardboard. A few packaging supplies like tape, sharpies, and even packing paper can help to get the job done on tidying it up.

Knife rack

We have too many loose knives with no dedicated rack that it can honestly be a bit dangerous to reach into our utensil drawer at times. So recently, I came up with the idea of using a large styrofoam block as a knife holder. All I had to do was slowly slide the different knives into the block to create their holsters, and from there, I just marked the holes with sharpies (in colors corresponding to the colored knives I have) to show which ones go where.


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