How to Ship A Treadmill or Elliptical

No matter what would be the reason, shipping an elliptical or a treadmill is always a challenging task. These are among a few exercise machineries that are hard to ship because of their irregular shapes and unusually weight and volume. Furthermore, these items are relatively delicate not only from the perspective of looks but also from the viewpoint of their structure. Even a minor dent inside can cause the machine to stop working or lose more of its functionality.

So, a few tips to help you prepare and ship your treadmill or elliptical would be worth mentioning in this short content.

Preparing the equipment

The equipment needs to be prepared for LTL shipment. Below are the points that would definitely be helpful in this regard.

  • Thoroughly clean the equipment.
  • Before you start disassembling, if it is possible, take high resolution photographs of equipment from different angles. It will not only help in reassembling the machine at destination but it will also help you in making a claim if machine is damaged during the transit.
  • While disassembling the machines, keep following the user manual to ensure that you are doing everything correctly.
  • If control panel is detachable, detach it and use appropriate packaging supplies like bubble wrap and polybags to secure it. Place the wrapped control panel in a sturdier box.
  • It would be unwise to ignore the accessories while you detach and pack the parts of equipment. Therefore, the items like cup holders and handlebars should be secured well. This process of detaching is just to ensure that you don’t end up letting a projecting part getting broken during the transit.
  • Arrange a staging area, such as a garage, where you would move your machine ahead of time. Moving machine to the staging area will help you deal with the process of passing the machine through narrow doorways and difficult paths in the home well ahead of time.
  • After the machine is moved to the staging area, now is the time to fully pack it. Secure the main machine with moving blanket and put it into the large moving box. Use of polyethylene before moving blanket will keep the dust away from machine in the truck.

Things you need to consider before selecting a shipper

  • First thing that you should keep in mind while selecting a shipper is to look for a shipper that specialize in moving the equipment you are about to ship.
  • Another very important factor is to determine whether the shipper has a reasonable business volume in the areas of pickup and delivery. The factor influences your shipping efficiency and effectiveness from the perspective of cost, time and safety. If you shipper is expert in dealing with the type of items you want to ship, and has reasonable business volume in the area of pickup and delivery, you are definitely going to have major benefit as the costs, time taken by shipping process and the chances of damage will be reduced substantially.



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